Driving Anxiety

Driving anxiety is very common and hypnotherapy can be effective in helping you feel comfortable, confident and safe on the road.

Driving anxiety can vary in severity - from the thought of having to drive somewhere making you feel mildly tense, to full driving phobia involving panic attacks and refusal to drive at all.

If you feel the level of anxiety is starting to affect your life then it is time to get help.

The symptoms of driving anxiety are wide ranging, but can include:

  • Fear of specific driving situations such as motorway driving, heavy traffic, driving at night, being overtaken, driving on unfamiliar roads or narrow lanes.
  • Feeling generally nervous about driving due to lack of experience.
  • Fear of a panic attack whilst driving.
  • Fear of being in a car.
  • Afraid of driving at all.

Sometimes a person could have been driving for many years without problems when, seemingly out of the blue, they develop a fear about it. We are all different, of course, but nobody was born with a fear of driving, it always has to be a learned response. Sometimes the trigger for the fear is obvious, like a traumatic incident whilst driving, but sometimes the trigger may have a very tenuous link with driving. Whatever started the phobia, the subconscious mind has learned to associate driving with fear, and we normally have very little control over this, however irrational it may be.

Getting Back in Control

Hypnotherapy can be used to remove the subconcious associations triggering the anxiety in driving situations. The negative thoughts which are blocking you can be removed so that you can get control of the thought patterns that have been learned in the past. Your confidence can be improved to help you feel calm and focus on driving safely in the future.

The first step in solving the problem is to talk to someone who is supportive and understanding. Hypnotherapy is safe and pleasant and you are in control throughout the treatment.

Whatever level of discomfort you feel in driving settings, from mild to full phobia, give me a call and discuss it with me in confidence. I offer a free phone consultation.

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